adam crohn

Omni Artist & Rebel Scum
Character, Concept, Toy Design || Writer, Editor || Podcaster, YouTuber

Character / Concept / Toy Design

Character, concept, and toy design is a passion of mine. I love bringing my original ideas to life, but also putting fresh spins on the classics. Here are several places you can find my work.


I've had a passion for writing since I could forge my dad's signature. Here are some samples of my writing - ranging from Pop Culture editorial - to current events commentary. Visit my blog, The Every Day Robot, where all of my thoughts make perfect sense.


At some point my love for the written word started exiting through my mouth. My current rants are focused on 80's B Horror movies and Star Wars, with some guest spots here and there.


Hello all! My name is Adam Crohn. I'm an enthusiastic and distinct Freelance Writer with over a decade of experience in content creation and copywriting. I have a penchant for telling creative, informative, and sometimes quirky stories that increase website and blog traffic, and promote and bolster brands and businesses.I'm a big animal advocate, and in my spare time one of my secret projects is a children's series of books about me and my pups. But until I hit the NY Times Best Seller list, that's just between you and I.I have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Communications with Minors in Marketing and Creative Writing. I'm a seasoned social media content creator with over 25k followers, Podcast Host and Producer, and YouTuber.In another dimension I'm also a character/concept and graphic designer. I've been an artist my entire life, and since 2010 I've been running my own small business in Toy Design.
Also a big Hall and Oates fan.


I'm Adam Crohn - Freelance Writer and artist. Reach out anytime! I'm always open for work, and excited for a project in your galaxy!